Service Line / Street Leaks

Metro Bangued Water District is responsible for what is called the street side of the water meter. This includes all water mains in the street and continues through the District’s distribution system. If you notice a water leak in the street or in the area of your water meter, call Customer Service at (074) 752-8001 / 0917-563-8322 to report it.


Checking for Invisible or Slow Leaks
To check for invisible or slow leaks, follow these steps:

Step 1 

Temporarily stop using water by turning off all water-using devices such as showers, water closets, washing machines.

Step 2

Raise the protective cover of the water meter.

Observe the triangular disc (usually red) commonly called the “leak indicator.” If the red triangle is spinning, your water connection has a leak.

For water meters without indicators, check if the meter dial hand is moving. If it is, water is running somewhere in your system and there is a leak. Check toilets, washing machines, faucets to identify where the leak is.

Step 3

Record the meter reading and return in two to three hours to check for movement. If the meter reading has changed, you may have a leak.