Gas Chlorine is injected at the collection box from a chlorine cylinder by means of a regulator. It is self-operated in a 24/7 basis. Monitoring of Chlorine availability at the system was conducted daily. Chlorine residual was taken at 12 to 15 strategic locations usually at the location of concessionaires nearest to the spring source and at end points of the MBWD system. The minimum Chorine residual in the system is 0.30 ppm (parts per million).

          Bacteriological Analysis is conducted monthly by the Water District. Twelve (12) to Fifteen (15) samples are collected at selected areas and sent to a laboratory at Baguio City about 5 hours travel from Bangued. The result is then available after 2 days. Below is the result of the Bacteriological Test.

Abella, Elma Zone 15-S

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