(UPDATED) MBWD ADVISORY: EMERGENCY LEAK REPAIR EMERGENCY distribution line leak repair along Zone 3, Bangued, Abra (hit by backhoe). Notes: 1) Water supply may be restored earlier if emergency works go smoothly or later if unforeseen problems arise. 2) MBWD conducts line flushing after repair works are completed. However, once water is restored, customers are continue reading : MBWD ADVISORY: EMERGENCY WATER SERVICE INTERRUPTION

Our concessionaires can enjoy some freebies and reprieve this September

During the monthlong celebration of MBWD’s 45th foundation anniversary, our concessionaires will receive a freebie from Metro Bangued Water District Family. Our valued concessionaires can claim a large pack of powdered laundry soap for free upon payment of their bills. Also, this whole anniversary month of the District, due dates and disconnections are temporarily suspended.

NO Penalties and Disconnection

Pakaammo: NO PENALTIES AND DISCONNECITON for the month of February. Awan ti Due Date ken Disconnection a mapasamak ken awan maipataw a penalty iti bulan ti Pebrero kabayatan a naipasidong ti General Community Quarantine (GCQ) iti probinsia ti Abra. Ngem nupay kasta, kadagiti met mapan agbayad, silulukat latta ti ofisina ti Metro Bangued Water District.

Big Brother Award 2018

MBWD: Proud Recipient of 2018 Big Brother Award On September 17, 2018 at The Philippine International Convention Center, the Metro Bangued Water District received the Big Brother Award from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) on the occasion of the LWUA-WDs forum. The Award recognizes the MBWD for its dedication to the Water Industry in continue reading : Big Brother Award 2018

MBWD is PBB Compliant

The Metro Bangued Water District (MBWD) is one of the government agencies which granted the Enhanced Performance Based Bonus (PBB) 2016 Compliance Status after submission of all required documents on time. The following are the documents and the corresponding status category: Good Governance Condition: Transparency Seal – Compliant PhilGeps Posting – Compliant Citizen’s Charter – continue reading : MBWD is PBB Compliant