A small praise on trees is equal to all philosophies of life as life exists on Earth because of trees. Trees are among the greatest natural wonder and are among the greatest gift to man and other living things that depend on it. Trees provide us with two essential things in life these are food and oxygen. Apart from these, trees also provide additional necessities like shelter, medicine among other environmental benefits. However, as their values continue to increase as more benefits of trees are being discovered the demand for trees have increased to satisfy the modern lifestyle. The sad reality is that humans continue destroying trees without realizing the effects in the future. The forest cover in many parts of the world is shrinking because of human activities, and lack of adequate trees has resulted.

It has been a long time since we had heard alarming news from all over the world regarding the continuous destruction of our Mother Earth due to global warming and climate change brought about of some technological and industrial advancements and human activities in their daily living. Here in the Philippines, we had been all victims of the effects of global warming and climate change such the El Niño and La Niña phenomenon, flash floods in cities and landslides on low-lying areas. Everyone had experienced how the nature showed her rage on the human actions and behavior towards environmental conservation and wellbeing. In order to help those groups and individuals with personal advocacies to save our Mother Earth. The MBWD Family, in our own little ways, contributed in giving solution to this by planting trees.

The Metro Bangued Water District tree planting activity, together with the General Manager, Kathleen Maria Balbin-Tawantawan, all MBWD employees gathered at the office premises at 8:00 in the morning of July 22, 2023 and headed towards the location, at Lusuac Peñarrubia where the water source is situated.

The Tree Planting Activity aimed to raise awareness of society of the importance of planting and saving trees, express our concern to the environment, and diminish the unfavorable effects of climate change. It is also a learning experience for all who take part. It is an activity that unites us in building a better world. As our motto goes, “WHENEVER YOU DRINK A GLASS OF WATER, REMEMBER THE FOREST.”