An Orientation Seminar is conducted every Wednesday at 10:00 AM at the MBWD office Cor. Taft and Actividad Economia Streets., Zone 4, Bangued, Abra. This was first conducted by the District in the year 2007. This orientation seminar is a means of orienting or updating the concessionaires of the District regarding its policies in order to avoid misunderstanding between the MBWD and its concessionaires. It is also a time to educate them on the technical and financial aspects of their water connections. To include the following are: how to save water, how to take care of their service lines, how to read their own water meters, water rates, payment of water bills to avoid disconnection, etc. at the end of the orientation – seminar, queries of the attendees are acknowledged and answered by the MBWD – resource speakers. This is a compulsory activity for about an hour to be attended by every applicant for a new service connection prior to the installation of his/her service connection.