Construction of Metro Bangued Water District office buildingWashington St., Zone 6, Bangued, AbraProposed
Construction of Roofing for 660 cu.m. Reservoir and LandscapingCasamata Hill, Zone 5, Bangued, Abra01/11/201707/10/2017100% Complete
Refurbishing of MBWD Extension OfficeMBWD Office12/12/201601/09/2017100% Complete
Construction of Public Toilet for ConcessionairesMBWD Office10/04/201610/13/2016100% Complete
Fabrication of Wood Filing CabinetMBWD Office06/15/201506/18/2015100% Complete
Tapping of Generator Set to the MBWD Extension OfficeMBWD Office06/11/201506/12/2015100% Complete
Repair and Maintenance of MBWD Extention OfficeMBWD Office04/13/201505/06/2015100% Complete
Re-painting of Structures at Lusuac MBWDBrgy. Lusuac,Peñarrubia, Abra02/10/201503/06/2015100% Complete
Replacement of Bacsil-Casamata Transmission LineCasamata Hill/Bacsil Bangued, Abra09/15/201511/06/2015100% Complete
Replacement of Peñarrubia-Bacsil Transmission LinePeñarrubia/Bacsil, Angad, Bangued, Abra05/02/201412/08/2014100% Complete
Poblacion Tayum Distribution Line ExtensionPoblacion Tayum, Abra11/26/201301/07/2014100% Complete
Construction of Housing for Generator SetTaft St., Zone 4, Bangued, Aba09/05/201301/14/2014100% Complete
Demolition and Backlling of the Swimming Pool at Lusuac MBWD Compound and LandscapingLusuac, Peñarrubia, Abra10/17/201111/22/2011100% Complete
Lusuac Guard House RenovationLusuac, Peñarrubia, Abra11/08/201111/22/2011100% Complete