Fathers are known for their immeasurable strength, hard work and undeniable wisdom. They play an active role in parenting, other than the stereotypical notions about fathers as sole provider, protector, and disciplinarian in the family. In these modern times, fatherhood embraces new skills and values in order to provide a secure and nurturing environment for their children.

This year’s Father’s Day theme revolves around “Celebrating the Greatest Heroes of Our Lives”. It served as a reminder to acknowledge and honor the countless sacrifices, unconditional love and support that fathers provide.

To give respect and gratitude to all the Fathers of Metro Bangued Water District, the GAD Committee launched the “Libreng Gupit Para kay Tatay” and “Libreng Sakay Ngayong Tag-ulan Handog ng MBWD” Programs.

Mothers are not only the ones who need pampering. Fathers need it too! That is why on June 10-12, 2023, the MBWD gifted a free haircut to all its male employees which they tagged as “Libreng Gupit Para kay Tatay”. This activity was organized to show appreciation for all the sacrifices of fathers for their families.  The district also distributed caps and polo shirts as memento of this year’s celebration. In whatever way we could appreciate our fathers – may it be a treat to a barbershop or dine in their favorite restaurant, it is always best to honor them at all times and express our love for them. Not only on Father’s Day but every day.

As the rainy season arrives, transportation challenges become more pronounced due to unpredictable weather conditions. The rainy season may bring additional expenses for commuters, such as dealing with vehicle maintenance issues or rainy gears such as umbrellas and raincoats. That is why the “Libreng Sakay Ngayong Tag-ulan Handog ng MBWD” was also launched by the GAD Committee of MBWD. The activity provides unique and beneficial incentive for concessionaires who dutifully pay their water bills. This initiative not only encourages timely bill settlement but also helps alleviate transportation expenses for MBWD customers, strengthening the bond between the District and the community it serves. The program also aimed to help the tricycle drivers who are also fathers stationed adjacent to the MBWD office for their daily trips and at the same time to ease the burden of passengers – concessionaires, amidst the rising cost of fuel and essential commodities. All concessionaires who visited the MBWD office from June 13 to June 21, 2023, to settle their bills received tickets that allowed them to take a free ride home. The activity was actively participated by 22 tricycle driver fathers.

Through the “Libreng Sakay” Program, the MBWD aims to facilitate a smooth and mutually beneficial relationship with its concessionaires. By incentivizing timely bill payments and alleviating transportation expenses, the program contributes to the financial stability of the district and enhances customer satisfaction. It stands as a testament to MBWD’s commitment to providing excellent services and actively interacting with its community.