• Who may avail?

Any interested person, firm, or corporation may avail of the services offered by the Metro Bangued Water District, provided that:

  1. The service connection shall be installed within the water service area of the Metro Bangued Water District.
  2. The applicant, location, the lot/building owner has no outstanding account with the Metro Bangued Water District.
  3. The applicant is at least of legal age.
  • What are the requirements?
  1. Photocopy of any valid ID of the Applicant (any or one of the following)
    • Company ID
    • Driver’s license
    • Postal ID
  2. Barangay Clearance
  3. Residence Certificate (current year)
  4. Barangay/ Municipal/ Department of Public Works and Highways Permit (if road crossing/ road excavation , others)
  5. Attend orientation (conducted weekly – every Wednesday, 10:00 – 11:00 am ) at the Metro Bangued Water District office.
  6. Fully accomplished Service Application Form
  7. New Service Connection Fee – P4,900.00
  • Schedule of availability of Service
    • Monday – Friday 8:00 AM -12:00 NN           1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

How to avail of the Service

Step Applicant/ Client Service Provider
Duration of Activity Person- In -Charge
1. Inquire Provide Information 5 minutes Front Desk Officer of the Day
2. Fill-up New Service Application form Check Filled-up Forms 10 minutes Customer Service Assistant
3. Submit documentary requirements Check / Verify documents 5 minutes Customer Service Assistant
4. Pay corresponding fees/ charges Accept payment and issue Official Receipt 5 minutes Cashier
5. Attend Orientation/ Seminar Conduct Seminar 1 hour Commercial Division Manager

Technical Division Manager

6.   Site Inspection/ Report Preparation 1 hour New Service Connection Inspector
7.   Approval 20 minutes Commercial Division Manager

Technical Division Manager

General Manager

8. Wait for Schedule Install the Connection 2 hours Technical Crew